Sunday, 5 February 2017

Twitter And Marketing Are The Yin And The Yang To Getting Your Message Out There

It has been assumed for quite some time now that the new "social" media marketing was the sole responsibility of the millennial generation, Twitter and marketing were on opposite sides of the fence. Twitter was the responsibility of those strangely independent cause oriented workers that were as at home on their smart phones as they were on their laptops.

These strange new breeds would work in tandem with the wool suit 9-5 crowd at the office that were pushing direct mail flyers, scheduling radio spots and working contacts they had know for thirty years.

In reality there were two forces: a yin and yang, a push and a pull, a driving movement and a resistance. However in the later stages of the last decade the two camps began to merge and Facebook pages were popping up for established conservative nightly news programs and Twitter was being seen a viable component to the marketing of a business.

It is important to note that Twitter is an "aspect" of the marketing side of the business, it is still no replacement for your effort in marketing planning and other strategic operations.

Twitter and marketing are not 2 distinctly separate activities these days, one is merely a tool of the other, and Twitter and marketing must exist in harmonious balance.

So how does the modern day samurai balance the soft side and the hard side, the yin and the yang, the dynamic dance between Twitter and marketing? The answer is in the application of the tool in relationship to your overall strategy. As a list of bullet points Twitter should be used to:

1. Provide a low cost marketing alternative that gives a link or an overview to additional information (you will not be able to post your entire newspaper ad in the tweet).

2. Align your Twitter and marketing efforts to make sure your message matches your audience. If the message is not geared toward those that use Twitter it is not exactly viral material (look at Toyota's branding of Scion as an example of focus marketing).

3. Make sure what you are tweeting is relevant, people will gladly be introduced to new products, but will be turned off by attempts to spam.... If you want to spam go back to direct mail.

Lastly utilize your Twitter and marketing campaigns using a defined set of KPI (Key Performance indicators) and know what you are looking to get, is it more followers, higher conversion or simply more brand exposure? All of these will require a slightly different approach and need to be tailored accordingly.

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