Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Twitter Can Quickly Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Business If You Are Tweeting Properly

Everyone's talking and tweeting about Twitter. But, sadly, most tweets are either meaningless drivel or they are useful information that gets ignored or not noticed by the intended audience. This article explains how to make sure your little 140-character bursts get noticed, passed around among friends and associates within your target market, and ultimately how a consistent regiment of tweets can grow your customer base virally. Most small business owners and online marketers are just blasting random tweets out there with affiliate links in them and hoping to make a few bucks. However, like most endeavors, by thinking through it a little more than the average person, you can massively improve your results.

The ideal tweet is one that gets immediately re-tweeted (forwarded) around among your exact target market like wildfire. This is only going to happen once in a while, but when it does, it's powerful. In this kind of dream "tweet" scenario, you might get 200 people added to your list, rather than just an average of 2-5. You need to consciously shoot for this result every time you send a tweet, so that you increase your chances of it happening. Most of your tweets will fall short of this ideal result, but as they say on those ever-present motivational posters, "Aim for the stars, and you'll land on the moon".

The goal is just to grow your following and your attention level online, and with a consistent routine of tweets in the same niche, you can do this without a ton of time or effort. If you are sending one tweet per day for 30 days, you could expect to add let's say 200 people to your email list (if you're directing people to a squeeze page) or 200 people to become your follower on Twitter. If you're not getting this result, you are probably missing something important, like your tweets are all over the place topic-wise, or your links aren't working, or your market is simply not on Twitter, etc. For example, if you are selling medical lift chairs to people that are in the age group 80-100, you are going to have a lot tougher time on Twitter than if you are selling an iPhone app that helps college students tweet faster!

Here are the most important things you need to know to make sure your tweets are actually noticed and re-tweeted by people in your target market, which is what will lead to sales online:

1. Make sure your tweets are consistently incorporating keywords that are used in your niche; and make sure your niche is a tight, narrow niche. For example, your niche should be "Florida-friendly gardening for women", not "gardening".

2. Don't have all of your tweets be "commercial" in nature. That is to say, don't put shortened affiliate links or sales pitches in most of your tweets. Only be commercial in about 20% of your tweets. The majority (80%) of your communications should be helpful or entertaining information that is about your tight niche topic.

3. Write your own, original tweets. I can't stress this enough! Most people are tweeting quotes by famous people. That is a ridiculous and lazy strategy. Just take the 1 minute and think up something in your own words. It doesn't need to be an original idea or concept, it just needs to be in your own words. That makes it original. IMPORTANT - that is also Google's definition of "original", and original content gets ranked much higher than a bunch of re-hashed quotes by famous dead people!

Here are some examples of original tweets, just off the top of my head, again using this Florida gardening topic example:

"Don't forget to water your in-ground plants twice as often as your potted plants"
"The spring is a great time to buy XYZ type plants"
"Miracle-Gro is the professional's choice for plant food"

Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, right? Seriously, anyone can do it!

4. Don't tweet too often, and don't tweet too little. Specifically, if you tweet too often, people will stop reading your tweets as soon as they see your username come up at the beginning of the tweet. You don't want that of course! If you tweet too little, people will forget who you are, and then will never look at your tweets or they will un-follow you on Twitter because they figure you're irrelevant if you never tweet anything. So, you should be tweeting anywhere from every other day to twice per day. That's the range: 0.5 tweets per day to 2.0 tweets per day.

5. Switch up your times of day for tweeting. This is because people check twitter at different times of day depending on their jobs, children, lifestyle, etc. You don't need a special system to vary your tweet times, just don't track it and by nature you will tweet sometimes in morning, afternoon, and evening. That's great, nothing more complicated than that is needed.

6. If you're including a link to an affiliate product you're selling, or to your blog, or whatever, use a "link shortening service" like bit.ly or bud url. These services will allow you to track where clicks are coming from as well. You don't want to burn up a bunch of your 140 characters on a URL unnecessarily. Plus, when people see a long affiliate type link they rarely click on it because it looks like a commercial site or a spam/virus type site not an informational site. People want to be entertained or informed on the internet, they don't actually want to be "sold" anything, unless they're ready to buy! Don't you feel the same way? I sure do.

Okay folks, that's what you need to know to use Twitter for more than just blasting little bits of chatter and drivel around the universe. This is one of the few strategies that really is fast and easy to implement. Video marketing, article marketing, blogs, etc. all take many hours to really get up and running, but you can start getting some traction with Twitter in just days or weeks of spending about 15 minutes a day. So have fun with it and don't work too hard. May the little blue bird of Twitter bring you many targeted, happy customers that re-tweet your tips and information to even more customers!

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